All our tablet presses are in compliance with GMP directives and with international safety standards.
Marking CE on every machine.


FA is available in 8-10-13-16-19-21 station versions.

It’s a rotary bench press with high level of technology that satisfies the needs of Pharmaceutical R&D Laboratories and requiring small production batches.The machine can be equipped with load cells and electronic supports for the analysis and the detection of compression forces, precompression, tablets ejection, position/moving of the upper and lower punch and Dwell Time calculation.

The collected data are elaborated by the Analysis Software D.A.T.
This innovative program is easy to use and it can acquire data up to a frequency of 1 KHz it elaborates analitically, graphically and statistically data.

The Analysis Software D.A.T is a very important instrument to study the trend of a new products, both in powder and in granules, through all the cycle of compression: upper and lower compression, upper pre-compression, ejection etc. The programme allows real-time display of the connected signals as well as storing and editing the received signals, giving numerical values, curves, statistical values, mathematics calculations and computer data. Guided programme with easy-to-use menu installed on Note Book, Desktop or Case pc, Windows 10 or 8.1 operative systems. Possibility of data transfer to excel or similar programs.

The latest model is the 10-station version with the possibility of using 5 tools Euronorma type B and 5 tools type D on the same turret.
FA press is running at the University of Camerino – Department of Pharmaceutical Technology – for further control upgrades.