All our tablet presses are in compliance with the GMP directives and with the international safety standards.

Marking CE on every machine.


GA available in 29-34-36-43-46 station versions.

Electronic and mechanical reliability and a solid costruction make it suitable to satisfy high productions in the pharmaceutical and food industry
Easy to acces for cleaning, for tooling change and maintenance.

The external structure is made of stainless steel panels with sound-absorning inner lining, in order to reduce noise levels.

It is available in two versions, both with Evolution System Press for tablet weight self-regulation. It can have a control panel with touch screen connected to a streerable mechanicl arm or it can have a separate control panel should the client prefer to keep it separate from production area.

E.S.P software manages tablet press regulation: compression force control, tablet weight automatic regulation through load cell, out of tolerance tablets ejection, print out of production reports, etc.
The following optionals are available: various coating for the die-holder plate, kit of lubrication with magnesium stearate and kit of lubrication for the production of efferevescent tablets.

CFR 21 part. 11 system is available.