All our tablet press machines are in compliance with GMP directives and with international safety standards.

CE mark on every machine.

SA Trento Triple Layer

SA Trento is available with 29 or 39 stations

Solid and easy to use and to clean. This tablet press, used for the production of multilayer tablets, is reliable and safe.  Its external structure is coated with stainless sound absorbing panels. Sa Trento triple layer is also available with separate electrical board. Three-phase asynchronous engine, an inverter controls the speed of the punch tower, thanks to a fan cooling system the machine can operate non-stop for several shifts.

Centralized lubrication system with three distributors, allows a total of 30 lubrication points.

Three aluminum anodized rotating feeders, 1 single wheel with adjustable speed via inverter. The feeders, including rotating wheel, can easily be assembled and disassembled. Three separate and independent dosing stations are adjusted through Brushless engines.

Central aspiration throughout 9 nozzles located near the rolls and near the feeders guarantees long lasting cleanness of the work area.

Four aspiration units, three of which are independent ones, and a general one are located near the feeders exist allowing the collection of any leaked re- useable product.

Tablet press control: two devices to detect seizing of the upper  and lower punches, tracking of hopper level sensor, loading cells to measure compression and ejection force.

Evolution System Press is the software to operate the machine and some of its functions are :

  • Auto storage compression force values
  • Monitoring of the general, as well as that of each single punch, compression force
  • Two tablet sampling stations
  • Handling and filing of all recipes and production data
  • Automatic weight control throughout the feeder
  • Discard of out of tolerance tablets
  • Printout of production report
  • Language selection
  • Monitoring of the machine alarm systems
  • 17” touch screen monitor
  • easy to handle operator electrical board

CFR 21 System part 11 is available