The full production process takes place internally. It begins with the purchase of the best Austrian and Swedish steel which is chosen according to the needs of customers and to the powder/granules to be compressed. The production process continues following the necessary steps and with the final control of every single tool.

The staff in charge of tool production, is periodically update on all the innovation in the automation field. All numerically controlled machines are subject to an accurate maintenance program so that every produced tool is in compliance with specific norms and regulations set thereoff.

Ronchi manufactures tools, Euronorma type B and D, mono/multitips and interchangeable tools for every kind of tablet press in the market.
Our customers are not only pharmaceutical, chemical and food companies but also Italian and foreign producers on behalf of third parties and generic medicines producers.

Our tecnical department is always available to cooperate with Universities and R&D divisions in order to find the best solutions for the most difficult products.

We give special attention to those products “ difficult to be compressed “ for this reason we have been using special antiadhesive and antiwear coverings. This solution allows succesfull production of effervescent tablets and other powder difficult to press. As there are different kinds of coverings, tests are carried out in order to find the most suitable ones for every type of product.