All our tablet presses are in compliance with GMP directives and with international safety standards.
Marking CE on every machine.


AR 18 is available in 15-18-23-30 station versions

The tablet press model AR-18 is built in its load-bearing structure in welded steel elements.
This grants higher stability in resistance and performances. All the parts that make up the machine are suitably processed and termically treated.
The lubricating system is Centralized on a single line, it assures perfect functioning of the motion and minimal maintenance . Particular importance in the execution of the tablet press was given to hermecity, so the filtering of the powder on the internal parts of the machine is impossible.
The maximum safety of the functioning is given by an automatic switch that protects the motor from any eventual overloads.
After turning it on the graduated index permit the control of all the operations.

The model AR 18 is available brand new in 15/18/23/30 station versions.
The availability of the tablet press used and revised depends by the demand on the marketplace.